Decentralised Exchange with OasisDEX

OasisDEX Decentralised Exchange

The cryptocurrency market is plagued by the constant exchange hacks and thefts. Decentralised exchange is needed.

Blockchain technology has matured since 2008. Yet, in an otherwise decentralised ecosystem, exchanges are still a centralised sore point.

The solution is obvious; decentralised exchange. And decentralised exchanges are the holy grail of blockchain development. However, they pose some unique technical challenges.

With the growing maturity of Ethereum, with its fully featured and programmable blockchain, decentralised exchange is coming.

Leading the charge is OasisDEX. You can now trade vSlice (VSL), along with lots of others, on this exchange.

Their implementation of decentralised exchange is one of the most exciting. Definitely keep an eye on this project. It will be of crucial importance to the entire blockchain ecosystem, going forward.

We have put together a little step-by-step how to guide, to get you started:

Step 1: Click the “Deposit/Withdraw” tab. Ensure you have Metamask already installed on your browser before you continue (Oasis will automatically detect and use your Metamask address).

Step 2: Deposit some ETH to use in trading. Click “Accept” on the Metamask prompt to allow the deposit to go through.

Step 3: Go to the “Trade” tab and click the “Change Allowance” button.

Decentralised Exchange 2

Step 4: Enter in the amounts of ETH and VSL you would like to send into Oasis to trade with.

Step 5: You’re ready to start trading! Enter in the prices and amounts, and click the buy/sell buttons to initiate a trade (be sure to wait for the Metamask prompt to accept the transactions).

Decentralised Exchange 4

Step 6: Congratulations and welcome to the brave new frontier of decentralised exchange.

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