The recent dip doesn’t concern me with all the recent positive real world news : ethtrader

Seriously guys, it’s the first time I am totally NOT concerned by the recent dip, when I look at all the recent real world developments with ETH (Russian airline, EEA announcement etc.).
Chinese whales playing BTC games -> price drops ->nearly all altcoin prices drop due to BTC pairing and trading bots reacting to price decline. Just stay calm and ignore the rollercoaster ride. At least those who HODL can definitely ignore this ride. Traders, well yea, trading can be exhausting.

I know the question regularly comes up: But why isn’t the price then rising, if there are so many good news? It’s simple you can’t fight whales and all trading bots, they have more power than us “normal” users. Crypto will stay a very volatile space as it’s still a fairly small market.

Real world applications are the MOST IMPORTANT aspect for ETH. The 400$ spike was important as it attracted attention from non-tech people. Some of em got scared, some of em stayed, as they invest for the longterm. Be patient and let the developers do their job - incl. mistakes. In the end, ETH is going to stay and rise.

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