AMA on ETHERPARTY is currently LIVE on r/Cryptocurrency : ethtrader

Hey ethtrader community, we are having an AMA on r/cryptocurrency. I would love if you guys can share with us your questions about the project. Please post your questions on the AMA thread in r/cryptocurrency to make sure we answer them : )

Etherparty, the smart contract creator tool, is now in its second week of ICO, having raised $33 million so far. The team is live with the beta program with over 500 pre-registrants. Three real world use case smart contract templates are currently being tested.

Etherparty Beta: Escrow Contract Walkthrough
Etherparty Beta: Token + Crowdfunding Contract Walkthrough

We want to hear your feedback, suggestions, and ideas - please post here:

[AMA] Etherparty - Smart Contract Creator - Beta Is Live! Ask Me Anything! Friday 13th, 2017 at: 11:00 PDT/ 14:00 EST/ 19.00 BST from CryptoCurrency

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