Am I the only one thinking ETH is few weeks away to have a stratospheric bullrun? : ethtrader

We are all seeing that Bitcoin is having its moment right now in terms of mainstream penetration and if Ethereum and alts didn’t really profit from it I think everyone would say it’s not a bad thing for cryptos at large.

Now that said there are multiple things making me think we are moving toward a massive bullrun (and maybe even a comeback for a flippening) and that is the best moment to invest in ETH (not investment advices, just my personal opinion), I explain myself:

  • Technically we are clearly at the end of a market cycle Some will argue that using an ETH-BTC scale is not pertinent since it’s probably the cryptocurrency that emancipated itself the most from BTC by being available against dollars pretty much everywhere. I disagree with that simply because I think there is not enough liquidity in the market for them to have meaningful growth at the same time therefore seeing how they move “against” each other is the best way to judge ETH market.

  • The ICO fad is slowing down. Some of you maybe remember the explosion of crowdfunding in video games during late 2012/early 2013, things like the infamous OUYA were born during this era, a developper could basically spend a week producing some artworks, post his project on Kickstarter and he would receive tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars with pretty much nothing but a CV and promises. It ran out of steam after a year mostly because 1) people don’t have an infinite amount of money and there isn’t an infinite amount of people 2) “backers” waited for the project they invested in to release something before throwing money at someone else 3) the first scandals appeared. For me it’s the exact same phenomenon but x106 because this time there is a booming tech, potential big financial ROI and so greed is involved, that doesn’t mean we will not have thousands of new ICOs but I think they will raise much less and the investors will be much more severe.

  • We will begin to see the first Ethereum projects release their product during Q1 and Q2 (I’m thinking about things like Kyber and its Mainnet in February or iExec with its Version 2 in May, things like Microraiden will go live anytime now too, there are plenty other examples but you get the idea. The utility of Ethereum will move from speculative to real in 2018 and I’m convinced it will carry the price up as strongly as partnerships and updates did this year, especially if Ethereum finds its “killer Dapp” like Microsoft Office was to Windows.

  • Ethereum has relatively low awareness in the public mostly because it’s an extremely complex concept to grasp even for people interested by tech, much more than Bitcoin (“e-money” is easier to grasp than “world computer”). Now I don’t know if we are yet to see mainstream interest (ie: FOMO like BTC is experiencing) in 2018, I would more say 2019 but in cryptos things often go faster than thought however it’s not really such an issue since the professional world is driving the growth and adoption.

tl;dr for me it’s time.

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