Thank you ETH : ethtrader

As the year comes to an end, I want to thank the Ethereum foundation, Vitalik and the countless developers for their daily effort to make all of this happen.

I’m truly humbled that I “own” a piece of this world changing project and that I’m an early participant and part of it.

When I look back to the beginning of 2017 it feels like a distant past not just mere months.
And it was one hell of a ride.

I’m looking forward to 2018 with all of you and I’m thankful for everything ETH has already given me.

Let’s not be greedy and chase Pumps&Dumps, let’s find our own moon /r/ethtrader!

It’s not always about Lambos or Teslas, if ETH can make you debt free, make a downpayment to your dreamhouse or pay for college, that’s when you found your personal moon!


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