CRYCASH To Bring Cryptocurrency To Millions Of Gamers, Announces Token Sale

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CRYCASH, a decentralized ecosystem of products for gamers and developers, has placed its bid to disrupt the gaming industry by creating marketing tools for developers and providing gamers the chance to earn tokens by completing tasks set by game developers, buying virtual goods, betting and participating in cybersports. CRYCASH will run its token sale from December, 14, 2017 until January, 15, 2018.

The gaming industry’s growth will play a major role in establishing the CRYCASH Ecosystem. This year, 2.2 billion individuals across the globe are expected to spend $108.9 billion on computer games, marking, an increase of $7.8 billion, or 7.8%, over 2016, according to Newzoo market research. The global gaming market is expected to reach $128.5 billion by 2020.

No tools are presently available to enable gamers to transact directly with each other and monetize their play time. Gaming platforms usually serve as intermediaries, but they are unable to support all countries their users originate from due to a small size of average purchases and the costs associated with money transfers. Game developers, on the other side, are challenged with high user acquisition costs and long time to market. Blockchain technology provides a solution to all these problems.

Blockchain Brings Benefits

CRYCASH brings blockchain based smart contracts, the immutable blockchain ledger and speedy transactions to gaming. It will consist of four major components: the Plink app, CRYENGINE Marketplace,

Advertising Platform and CyberSports Platform

Plink is the unrivaled dedicated mobile application for communication and collaboration among players, and simultaneously, a wallet for CRYCASH tokens. This messenger is based on the neural network technology which analyzes hundreds of user parameters to find a perfect match for each user, to see what games other users are playing now, to find friends to play together, and to enable communication among gamers. Developers will use Plink as a payment method and a user acquisition channel, changing the way developers bring players into their games. It’s worth mentioning that the Plink app is nearly ready and its beta will be available to all token sale contributors.

Additionally, the CRC token is the only cryptocurrency for gamers which has a confirmed integration with existing products from Crytek, a videogame developer and publisher of the original FarCry and Crysis franchise such as Warface Turkey.

Developers Also Benefit

Game developers, who currently spend a lot of resources creating games due to the inefficient advertising tools that are available, will also benefit from CRYCASH. The platform will allow developers to gain a critical mass of users quickly and cost-efficiently. It will also provide an efficient and secure way of receiving payments from gamers. The ecosystem will also provide unique gamers targeting instruments such as gaming activity, favorite time of playing, gaming experience, age, gender, location and etc.

Game developers and advertisers will be able to pay for services on the platform using CRC tokens as well as fiat currency. For those paying in fiat currency, CRYCASH will buy back CRC tokens at exchanges to reward gamers who completed tasks set by game developers. CRYCASH will assess a fee equal to 20%.

Crytek will use the CRYCASH platform as an advertising service to bring new players and deploy CRC tokens as an additional payment method in the CRYENGINE Marketplace. Crytek will also integrate the CRYCASH token into its online games, where suitable, beginning with Warface Turkey.

Any company or developer will be able to integrate with CRYCASH platform using its SDK.

Token Sale Began Dec. 14

The token sale will be Dec. 14, 2017, 19:00 UTC through Jan. 15, 2018, 18:59 UTC. All token sale buyers will receive early access to Plink BETA, which is a ready product.

A 15% bonus will be offered within the first 120 hours of the token sale.

The bonus will drop by 1% each 24 hours until 18:59 UTC on Dec. 31, 2017.

A 20% “big fish” bonus will be available throughout the sale for contributing 200 or more ETH.

The initial token price is set 0.001 ETH per 1 CRC.

Currencies accepted will include BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC and Dash. All buyers will have a chance to test Plink.

“The gaming industry lacks effective tools for players to monetize their game time, collaborate and communicate,” said CRYCASH CEO Wachtang Budagaschwili. “On the other side, game developers are also challenged by high customer acquisition costs and comparatively long time to market. CRYCASH solves these problems by introducing revolutionary custom-tailored products for players and developers. We’re proud to start our token sale having Crytek as our first partner which will allow us to immediately bring CryCash to millions of players.”

“Already several times Crytek has revolutionized video gaming industry with its award-winning products such as the original FarCry, Warface, Crysis Franchise, and Ryse: Son of Rome and that have been enjoyed by more than 50 million players around the world,” said Faruk Yerli, Crytek managing director.

“Being a trendsetter in gaming, our strategy is to introduce the benefits of new technologies before they become mainstream,” Yerli said. “We’ve been looking into blockchain for a while now and, having reviewed various cooperation proposals, we finally chose CRYCASH as a technological partner. We were impressed by the team’s innovative approach to creating products that can add great value to players, and for Crytek, it’s a new business opportunity to attract additional gamers.”

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